With over 80  locations worldwide, Nerd Nite is taking over!  We hold “Nites,” featuring 3 speakers, who each deliver a 15-minute “TED Talk” on complex subjects across all scientific disciplines – but in language anyone can understand. We have an interactive question & answer period after each talk and you can meet other nerds and speakers on the breaks. 

We do it in a fun, pub environment with lots of beer and as much comedy as our Nerds can deliver! If you want to get technical, we’re an all-volunteer, science communication community outreach for adults (19 yrs+), who yearn to learn more about all the amazing discoveries that are being made in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) every day.

Check out an actual Nerd Nite in this awesome video made by our cousins “Nerd Nite Victoria”.

Come think & drink with us and meet other local nerds.

Where: Eagles Club, 170 West 3rd St, North Vancouver

Not enough Nerdiness for you? We’ve got Nerd Nite cousins in Vancouver and Victoria