With 99 locations worldwide, Nerd Nite is taking over!  We hold “Nites” at the Eagles Club in North Van, featuring 3 speakers, who each deliver a 15-minute “TED Talk” on complex subjects across all scientific disciplines – but in language anyone can understand. We have an interactive question & answer period after each talk and you can meet other nerds and speakers on the breaks. 

We do it in a fun, pub environment with lots of beer and as much comedy as our Nerds can deliver! If you want to get technical, we’re an all-volunteer, science communication community outreach for adults (19 yrs+), who yearn to learn more about all the amazing discoveries that are being made in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) every day.

Check out an actual Nerd Nite in this awesome video made by our cousins “Nerd Nite Victoria”.

Come think & drink with us and meet other local nerds.

Where: Eagles Club, 170 West 3rd St, North Vancouver

Not enough Nerdiness for you? We’ve got Nerd Nite cousins in Vancouver and Victoria. Check out their upcoming dates! 

Coming March 1, 2020 “Teen Nerd Nite NV”