We’ve had a lot of interest from students wanting to attend Nerd Nite talks, so we started a nerd nite just for them!
Our mission at Teen Nerd Nite (TNN) is to provide exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) opportunities, resources, & programs to high-school teens outside of their standard education. TNN is based in North Vancouver, but all 2020/2021 virtual initiatives are available to students across the province of B.C.
We hosted a packed in-person event in March, for almost 100 kids! Until we can begin live shows again, check out our website for things like:

STEM Videos: In our “A Day In The Life Of A…” series, find out what it’s really like to be a Theoretical Physicist, a Research Physician, a Geological Engineer, a Science Communicator and a STEM Graduate (Cardio Vascular Physiology and Digital Health Communications) in short videos made just for TNN.

Scholarship Resources: Find the perfect scholarships for you, get tips on applying, and find out how to get all the extra curricular skills and experience you’ll need to be a successful candidate.

Mental Health: If your mental health is suffering, everything suffers as a result. Whether you need support for anxiety or depression, want to see a family doctor, or are struggling with a stressful situation, Foundry can help you get the services you and your family need, at no cost. Foundry offers their wellness resources, services & support to anyone aged 12-24, online or in person across BC.

Leadership Opportunities: Learn about starting a Teen Nerd Nite Club at your school and other available volunteering opportunities near you that will look great on your university & scholarship applications, and help your community.
And win cool prizes!