TED Talks with donuts!

After tons of requests for a show that Nerds under 19 years of age can attend, we’re excited to announce “Teen Nerd Nite NV,”a free conference open to all high school students. 

Our first event is March 1, 2020 at 2pm at The Eagles Club Event Room, 170 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver (the corner of 3rd & Chesterfield, next to 7-11).

  • Short talks from experts on subjects across “STEM”  (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). Sit down with speakers & ask questions.
  • Graduation service hours for attending.
  • Mentorship opportunities available to ALL students.
  • Scholarship experts to answer your application questions.
  • Free food & drinks will be provided (no outside drinks/water bottles please).

Space is limited, so register in advance for your FREE ticket on to guarantee a spot. Due to limited space, this event is for students only.

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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE with YouTuber – Kurtis Baute

Kurtis sealed himself in a DIY Biodome – a tiny, air-tight greenhouse, filled with several hundred plants – to show people how we interact with the air we breathe and to explain some of the science around climate change. A “don’t-try-this-at-home” experiment, it trended on Twitter and made BBC news – all while he was inside, trying to stay calm to conserve air. It did NOT go as planned.

Click here to see our fav video “The History of the Universe in 13,799 dominoes.


STEM CELLS & BIO-PRINTING – Alison Muller, PhD (Physiology)

Alison Muller is a graduate from the University of Alberta.  Alison loves presenting cutting edge medical research at Comic Expos, discussing science fiction inspired technology. She has been a guest on CBC Radio morning shows in Edmonton and Calgary and on Global Edmonton with a liquid nitrogen explosion! She recently founded, a science communication blog that publishes different topics focused around medical science discoveries as well as the tools used in the research field. Find out where stem cell research is at and what human tissue they can actually make with a bio-printer.


GENETICS & MICROBIOLOGYDave Ng, Advanced Molecular Biology Lab (AMBL), UBC

David Ng is a geneticist, science educator, part time writer, and professor based at the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia.

Of note: (1) he is partly responsible for the massive DNA helix emblazoned on his building’s facade; (2) his Dad beat up Bruce Lee; (3) his first foray into general publishing featured a unicorn on the front cover.


ECO TOURISM – Josh Silberg

Josh Silberg has researched everything from humpback whales to whale sharks to rockfish— he just couldn’t decide on one creature to study! After earning a Master’s of Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University, he joined the British Columbia-based Hakai Institute as the Science Communications Coordinator. Josh is also a Vancouver producer with The Story Collider, and hosts four shows per year where people perform true, personal stories about science.  You can follow him on twitter @joshsilberg.

Space is limited, so this event is for high school students only. Email us for special exceptions to Super Nerds under 13 years.