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Black Holes, Bio-Domes & Rain

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We are a 19+ event. If you’re under 19 and would like to attend a teen event, click here.

Astronomy & physics fans get ready to learn how quantum cryptography relates to black holes. If you’re an environmental science fan or you just like breathing air, you’ll be fascinated by some of the science behind climate change and how we interact with the air we breathe. We’ll also be discussing everyone’s not-so-favourite weather, rain! We’ll have interactive question & answer periods after each talk, so come prepared with your questions and meet other Nerds and the speakers on breaks. Come for the science, stay for the space donuts!

Bio-Domes & Environmental Science

Kurtis Baute – YouTuber, Scientist & Inventor

Kurtis sealed himself in a DIY Bio-dome (a tiny, air-tight greenhouse), filled with several hundred plants – to show people how we interact with the air we breathe and to explain some of the science around climate change.  A “don’t-try-this-at-home” experiment, it trended on Twitter and made BBC news – all while he was inside, trying to stay calm to conserve air. It did NOT go as planned. 

On his YouTube channel, Kurtis makes videos about science and the environment. Kurtis thinks that in order to take on big issues like climate change the world needs to be more science literate, so he does things like seal himself in a DIY bio-dome to talk about how we interact with the atmosphere, measure the earth with just his bike and two sticks, or how he went zero waste in 90 days!

Click here to see our fav video, where Kurtis schools us on the History of The Universe, from the Big Bang to present day using 13,799 dominoes. It’s insane!

Quantum Cryptography & Black Holes

Alex May, PhD Student (UBC Physics)

Alex is a PhD candidate who studies physics at UBC, where he is a part of the Bulk Reconstruction Inc. office. Alex aims to help answer some of the big questions about the universe: what happened at or before the big bang? Is spacetime built from something else? What happens when you fall inside of a black hole?

These and other questions may one day be answered by a theory of quantum gravity, a theory that would unify distant areas of physics. Alex will tell us about his work in quantum cryptography and a surprising link to the physics of black holes, a connection that hints at some of the basic and bizarre features of this one-day theory of quantum gravity.

While not thinking, talking, or reading about physics, Alex enjoys cruising in his 89 Honda and listening to audio cassette tapes.


Mike Willcock – Hydrometric Research Technologist

Have you ever looked at a river and wondered how much water is actually flowing through it? Or maybe looked outside a window on a rainy day and wondered how much rain is actually falling? Well, thanks to science & technology, we can tell you!

Mike Willcock is a Hydrometric Research Technologist and just like 90% of his Tinder dates, you’re probably wondering just what exactly that is. Spending most of his time outside, Mike builds and maintains a monitoring network throughout the lower mainland, while completing flow measurements using a variety of techniques in order to develop relationships between water level and flow. This data can be used in a variety of ways. From modelling impacts of climate change and flooding events near communities to selecting sizes of pipe networks used to move water throughout your cities, hydrometric research data is incredibly important in a changing climate. The way this data is used constantly surprises and excites Mike about his work!

Location: Eagles Club Event Room

170 West 3rd Street at Chesterfield (just east of 7-11). Fully licensed bar. 19+ welcome. Please bring ID.

Transit: We’re just 3 blocks from the Seabus at Lonsdale Quay (straight up Chesterfield, next to 7-11), so don’t learn and drive.

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Doors open at 6:45pm. Show at 7:00pm.

You can bring food to this event!