Friday March 1, 2019 @ 7:30pm – “The Unexpected Connections Show”


Each “nite” features three 15 minute “TED Talks” on subjects across all branches of science, in language anyone can understand. We do it in a fun, bar environment with beer and as much comedy as our Nerds can deliver, which makes this a 19+ event (sorry “nearly nerd-nite” teens we’ll see you soon). Be ready for an interactive question & answer period, social media competitions and prizes! Meet other nerds & the speakers during breaks.

With almost 100 locations worldwide, Nerd Nite is taking over! We’re an all-volunteer community outreach devoted to Science Communication for adults who yearn to learn more about the amazing discoveries being made in science every day.


At our October show we talked about the unexpected similarities between Math & Improv and we continue to explore more “Unexpected Connections” at the March show.

We’ll play “What Are You Nerding Out On?” North Van style and have our Twitter Competitions where you can win tickets to Nerd Nite North Van, Nerd Nite Vancouver (YVR) & Nerd Nite Victoria (YYJ) and of course our Nerd Nite tool cards and some new SWAG!

We’ll also put a little STEAM in our STEM and talk about what that means to Nerds! 


UBC Astronomer, Christa Van Laerhoven

Talk: “Donuts in Space” (AKA “Kuiper Belt Objects & Orbital Resonance”)

The Kuiper Belt is a region of leftovers from the solar system’s early history. Like an asteroid belt, it has also been shaped by a giant planet, but far larger and shaped more like a donut than a thin belt. Mmmm donuts. The Kuiper Belt is truly a frontier in space — it’s a place we’re just beginning to explore and our understanding is still evolving.

Christa Van Laerhoven is a valley girl from Agassiz and a postdoctoral fellow at UBC, studying what she likes to call ‘orbital shenanigans’ (how the orbits of planets, asteroids, and moons can change over time). She has a PhD from the Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona and a B.Sc. from UBC in Physics and Astronomy (Honours).

Science Cartoonist and UBC Public Health Educator Armin Mortazavi

Talk: “Mental Health & Batman”

In a unique talk using cartoons and storytelling, Armin will describe a period of anxiety & depression and how he came to terms with it all. We’re excited to see how our favorite “caped crusader” inspired him!

Scientoonist and North Shore guy Armin Mortazavi likes long walks on the beach and Hoobastank. He has a Bachelor’s in Microbiology & Immunology from UBC and a Master of Digital Media from the Centre for Digital Media (CDM).  Throughout the years, he has carved out a career in creating illustrations and design work to educate the public about health. Check out his Instagram @armin.scientoonist where he promises to draw you at least 1 or 2 cats. For real.

UBC Science Educator David Ng

Talk: “Science & Unicorns” (AKA “Public Understanding of Science”)

This talk will focus on scientific literacy generally, with good representation on the unicorn side of things. If you were at November’s show, you know whether unicorns were in fact real. 

David Ng is a geneticist, science educator, part time writer, and professor based at the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. 

Of note: (1) he is partly responsible for the massive DNA helix emblazoned on his building’s facade; (2) his Dad beat up Bruce Lee; (3) his first foray into general publishing featured a unicorn on the front cover; and (4) his wife and kids are all exemplary.  

Location: Eagles Club Event Room

170 West 3rd Street at Chesterfield (just east of 7-11). Fully licensed bar. No minors.

3 blocks from Lonsdale Quay, straight up Chesterfield.

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We’re just 3 blocks from the seabus so don’t learn and drive. 

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Facebook: Nerd Nite North Vancouver

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Doors open at 6:45pm. Show at 7:30pm.

Must be 19yrs or older, no minors.

You can bring food to this event!

Just 3 blocks from Lonsdale Quay, straight up Chesterfield.

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