Nerd Nite 1.3 “Quantum Leap” – January 11, 2019 @ 7:30pm

 Nerd Nite North Van 1.3 – The Quantum Leap Show 

Chill out and leave the binary world behind when we take a Quantum Leap into an ALL-physics special! 

With 125 locations worldwide (on every continent except Antarctica), Nerd Nite is taking over! We’re a community outreach for adults who yearn to learn more about all the amazing discoveries being made in science every day. Our speakers deliver 15 minute “TED Talks” on complex subjects in language anyone can understand. We do it in a fun, bar-style environment with lots of beer and as much comedy as our Nerds can deliver! Speakers always do a round of questions afterward.

Our 1st speaker, Colin Enderud is a superconducting circuit designer at D-Wave Systems. This basically means he draws coloured lines and shapes all day that eventually turn into quantum mechanical things.  His earliest memory of being a nerd is walking into a magic shop where an employee asked “Do you like magic?” to which he replied “Yeah, but I like science better.” Colin has a BSc in Physics from UBC. 

Colin will talk about the type of SQUIDs that exist on silicon chips, not the type that live in the ocean (although they’re pretty great too.)  Superconducting QUantum Interference Devices are unbelievably accurate detectors of magnetic fields.  They’re not just super cool, they’re cryogenically super cooled.

Not sure what the heck SQUIDs are? We don’t know either, but we’re excited to find out because they can detect magnetic energy fields as low as 100 billion times smaller than the energy that moves a compass needle! The technology is used tons of ways, but sometimes in medical testing to measurie faint signals in the human brain or heart by sensing the magnetic fields created by the neurological currents. Other applications include the construction of highly sensitive gradiometers, magnetometers and voltmeters. 

Never heard of D-Wave? They’re just the world’s first quantum computing company and do tons of cool work with NASA, Google and Lockheed Martin (massive name drops). Yes NERD HERD, there is a world-class QUANTUM COMPUTER just over the bridge in Burnaby! They may not give public tours but it’s ok because they give free quantum computing time!!  Check out LEAP here

Our 2nd Speaker & Guest Co-Host on this explosive night is the slickest Spoken Word Artist around and Slam Mistress, Angelica Poversky. Prepare to have your mind blown by her provocative science stylings. Check her work out:

Our 3rd and Featured Speaker is Physicist, Author and YouTube sensation, Dominic Walliman discussing the fascinating and perplexing world of the Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics.

Dominic Walliman is a Physicist turned professional Author. He has a PhD in quantum device physics and an honourary degree in sitting around wondering why his experiments aren’t working. He now spends his days making YouTube videos about science and writing the Professor Astro Cat science books for kids. Check out his amazing and hilarious YouTube Channel “DOMain of Science”, our fav is “Movie Night with a Physicist”

In this talk on the Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, Dom takes us back to the basics…whatever those are! Famous physicist Richard Feynman once said “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.” Since then, physicists have been very creative trying to come up with interpretations of quantum mechanics that make sense. Dom isn’t sure they’ve succeeded. Find out why on January 11.

We’ll also have our Twitter Competitions after each talk with extra prizes and plenty of surprises! Win Hawking’s final book “Brief Answers to the Big Questions”, tickets to Nerd Nite NV, Nn YVR & Nn Victoria (YYJ), and of course our Nn tool cards!

We’ll play “What are you Nerding Out On?” the lite “Go-Fish” edition and we might even try our first audience-based thought experiment! 

Get ur tickets fast, this one will sell out…November was standing room only!

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We’re just 3 blocks from the seabus so don’t learn and drive. Stay afterward and socialize with some local nerds and scientists.

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Doors open at 6:45pm. Show at 7:30pm.

Must be 19yrs or older.

You can bring food to this event!

Just blocks from transit.

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