Nerd Nite 1.2

Nerd Nite 1.2 – November 2, 2018 @ 7pm
Laughs, Brains & Water”
The first Nerd NiteNorth Van was a ton of fun! Thank you to all the wonderful people who came out!
Now its time for Nerd Nite 1.2 with 3 more fantastic speakers who will discuss laughs, the brain and water! Come think and drink with us on Friday, November 2nd! 


Lukas Grajauskas (MSc Student) – Love Your Brain

Robyn Fashler (BA Psychology) – The Laugh Track Legacy

Alan Shapiro (MSc) – A day in the life of a Water Nerd

We have lots of great local beers on tap! Drinking games, Twitter competitions & What R U Nerding Out On?!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously…it’s all in the name of science. We’re just blocks from the Lonsdale Quay & transit so don’t learn and drive.

Where: Eagles Club, 170 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8

When: Doors @ 6:30pm, Event @ 7-9pm

Tickets: on Eventbrite

Alan Shapiro – A day in the life of a water nerd.

Summary: You probably don’t spend much time thinking about water, aside from staying hydrated and flopping around in it once in a while. On the other hand, I spend WAY too much time thinking, talking, and occasionally dreaming about water issues. I’ve had a chance to work on a bunch of cool projects, from oil spills and contaminated sites to water quality in First Nations communities. This talk offers a glimpse into a (slightly out of the ordinary) day in the life of a water nerd.

Bio: Alan Shapiro is a water scientist, unsurprisingly obsessed with all things water. He splits his time between working on water projects, teaching at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and supporting science communication through organizations such as Science Slam Canada. Alan recently read an article about “Canada’s only water sommelier” and now feels incredibly insecure about his life choices.

Robyn Fashler (BA Psychology) – The Laugh Track Legacy

Talk Summary: Despite delivering “the best medicine”, Laugh Tracks have a pretty lousy reputation. With this talk, Robyn aims to refute this unjust impression. She will discuss the history, controversy, and significance of canned-laughs and explain why they deserve a hearty guffaw unto themselves.
Bio: Robyn makes her way selling office furniture, which she is weirdly enthusiastic about. In all seriousness, she is deeply concerned with what type of chair you sit in at work. Beyond that, Robyn is a self-proclaimed comedy connoisseur and is mildly obsessed with classic television. Naturally, she is also fascinated by laugh tracks. She hopes you will see their value as well.

Lukas Grajauskas (MSc Student) – Love Your Brain

Talk Summary: Lukas loves brains, and he will tell us what we can do to show some love to ours. Ageing comes with wisdom, but sometimes you can’t even remember where you put your glasses (have you checked your forehead?). Although our brain may slow as we age, the good thing is, there are a number of things we can start doing early to keep our brains healthy. Lukas will take us on a journey inside our own heads to tell us what goes wrong in aging brains, and what we can do now to help slow the degenerative process down.

Bio: Lukas spends his time investigating our brains as a Masters Student at SFU. Lukas uses MRI machines to spin protons and look into peoples heads, helping him find effective ways of tracking ageing and diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases. When he is away from the lab, he is off running ultramarathons, travelling abroad, or adventuring in the mountains with either his hiking boots or snowboard.

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