Nerd Nite North Van 1.1

The first North Van Nerd Nite is almost here! Think and drink with us on Oct 5th when we discuss photonics, sleep, and math+improv! We have three fantastic speakers for you and lots of great local beers for cheap!
We don’t take ourselves too seriously…it’s all in the name of science. We’re just blocks from the Lonsdale Quay & transit so don’t learn and drive.

Curt Da Silva (PhD, Applied Mathematics)
Mina Mofazari (PhD, Chemistry) Muon Spin
Dan Millar (B.A.Sc.) Your Sleep On Drugs

Where: Eagles Club, 170 West 3rd Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8

When: Doors @ 6:30pm, Event @ 7-9pm

Tickets: $10 on Eventbrite

About our Speakers:

Our wonderful featured speaker, Curt Da Silva is a math nerd (doy) and software guy who has been improvising for the past eight years with Instant Theatre and has a Honours B. Sc. in Computer Science and Math and a Ph.D. in Applied Math from the University of British Columbia.

Talk Title: Improv & Math: Best of Friends? Or At Least Not Frenemies
Summary: This talk is about math — NO WAIT, COME BACK, KEEP READING! Understandably, math is a frequently maligned subject for many people (curse you bad math teachers!). But contrary to popular opinion, math is much more than figuring out the tip at a restaurant or figuring out why your Excel spreadsheet isn’t working. Math is abound with relationships between seemingly unrelated areas, from symmetries and number theory to geometry and algebra to exponentials and trig functions. Similarly, improv comedy is all about finding relationships between the unrelationshippable (not a word), making sense out of nonsense, and making us laugh in the process. In this talk, we’ll explore all there is to explore about the wonderful, weird, and surprising connections found in math, improv, and everything in between.

Dan Millar is a professional amateur. Following the completion of his Bachelors of Applied Science degree he worked as an Engineer for a grand total of 4 months. Feeling a need to be less qualified for his job he took a marketing and scientific communication role at a medical device company specializing in blood platelet testing. Not wanting to develop too much of an expertise in platelets, Dan has spent the past year diving deep into the world of sleep science, which he’ll be sharing a glimpse of in on stage.

Talk Title: Your Sleep on Drugs
Presentation Summary: Engaging in adequate amounts of sleep is arguably the single most important aspect to a persons physical and mental well-being. In this talk Dan will explore the typical sleep cycle and how everyday psychoactives like caffeine, alcohol and cannabis impact this critical life function. But don’t worry, Dan isn’t exactly here to preach sobriety, he’s more a fan of strategic debauchery.

Mina Mofazari: What did the thermometer say to the measuring cylinder? “You may be graduated, but I have several degrees.” Well so does Mina, she holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from SFU, a Master of Science in Physical Chemistry from Shahid Beheshti University, Iran and a Bachelor of Science in Pure Chemistry from Azad University, Iran. She is a veteran speaker and experienced T.A. When she’s not in the lab she runs and like all our nerds she LOVES HER cat!

Talk Title: Muon Spin 

Presentation Summary: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulphur, Sodium and Phosphorus walk into a bar. “OH SnaP” says the bartender. Physical Chemist Mina Mozafari is looking for a reaction when she talks about gas hydrates and muon spin spectroscopy. Hydrocarbon deposits are abundant in nature but did you know that there are cages made of hydrogen bonded water molecules, trapping gases inside?! These compounds are being studied as potential “nano-reactors” for small molecules, but not a lot is known about their chemistry so we employ muon spin spectroscopy to characterize organic “not-so-free radicals” inside them. Find out if there’s equality for liquids and solids in these icy cages when Mina breakdowns hydrocarbons for us in a fascinating look at gas hydrates and muon spin spectroscopy.

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